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About Us

We are a full service auction company that specializes in Car Auctions, Salvage/Impound automobile auctions, Estate Auctions, Business Liquidation Auctions, Bankruptcy Auctions as well as the liquidation of equipment, utilized in the Utility, Construction, Farming, Power Line, Telecommunication, Forestry, and Transportation Industries.

We have been conducting auctions for Counties, Cities, Utility Companies, Towing Companies, New & Used Car Dealerships, Construction Companies, Equipment Dealers, Railroads, Farmers, and Individuals since 1969.



Our goal has always been to provide the most professional and reliable auction company, with a full commitment to Honesty and Integrity. We believe that our business can be successful for generations to come, only if we continue the Tradition of Trust.



For over 40 years we have conducted thousands of auctions and have represented hundreds of different sellers. We have conducted many different types of sales, including: Estates, Auto Dealers, Business Liquidations, Supermarkets, Restaurants, Hotel Liquidations, Railroad/Industrial, and many others.


Reasons to use the Auction Method of Marketing

Auction realizes True Market Value.

Up to 92% of consumers feel auctions are a great way to buy and sell.

Creates competition between ready to buy CASH buyers.

Time – Auctions are Fast, Effective and Efficient.

Increased values can be demonstrated with competitive bidding.

Only at auction is the selling price negotiated HIGHER rather than being reduced.

Nothing beats the results of a professionally conducted AUCTION.